The business side of a law firm needs specialists like you

The commitment from all of our people—at all levels and in all roles—enables us to provide the best legal services to our domestic and international clients.
Wouter Ghijsels, Managing Partner Stibbe Brussels

Business Professionals

Business Professionals

Legal & executive assistants 

As a legal assistant, you are our lawyers’ right hand. You support team members of a practice group because they depend on you. You are responsible for administrative and organizational tasks in all client matters. And you fill a vital role in Stibbe’s delivery of excellent services to our clients. The work will be challenging at times, but your colleagues will guide you and be ready to assist you at all times. We also offer regular training opportunities for you to develop and improve technology skills and interpersonal skills.

Business support teams

Stibbe’s business support teams are at the heart of the firm’s operations and the quality of service we provide to our clients. Every business team member shares a common goal at Stibbe: to provide maximum value to our clients by ensuring that every element on the business side of Stibbe is aimed at meeting our clients’ needs: from infrastructure to human capital, from marketing to knowledge-sharing, and from finance to information technology.

Our highly skilled business professionals come from different sectors and backgrounds, not necessarily law. If you’re seeking a challenging career in the legal sector, an enabling environment that fosters personal and career growth and development, apply for one of our vacancies in any of our business support teams:

  • Administration
  • Business Development & Communications;
  • Facilities Management;
  • Finance;
  • Human Resources;
  • ICT;
  • Knowledge Management (including professional support lawyers)

What we offer

Stibbe Academy

Immerse yourself in all the in-house learning and development programmes run by our very own Stibbe Academy. You’ll improve yourself in every way: professionally, emotionally, mentally, technically. And you’ll learn new, indispensable skills for all your different roles: team player, peer supporter, project manager, potential leader. These skills will enable you to always be on top of your game. 

Attractive benefits package

We offer a comprehensive benefits package to our employees. It includes hospitalization and group insurance, 13th-month pay, double holiday pay, meal vouchers, company-paid public transport passes, flexible work solutions, and more. 

Diverse, positive, enabling environment

Stibbe provides high-quality, efficient legal services to clients to meet their ever-increasing needs and requirements. At the same time, we maintain—and constantly improve—flexible working schemes, inspire creativity, promote personal development, encourage work–life balance, and create fun for everyone in a diverse and inclusive culture. We celebrate progress and recognize success. And we foster individual as well as organizational resilience so that we can adapt to changes, technology, and society on a long term in order to thrive in life and work. 

Cross-functional role

One of Stibbe’s core values is being entrepreneurial. We show you the ropes and let you roll up your sleeves whenever we can, so you can gain invaluable hands-on experience in a wide range of tasks. This will enable you to develop a stronger foundation that can lead to promotion and career change opportunities. 

Name recognition 

Stibbe is one of the leaders in the legal industry. We are highly regarded for our name brand, which is associated with success and credibility in many aspects: sophisticated matters, high-profile clients, accomplished and credentialed colleagues, well-developed training programmes, and leadership. Comprehensively, this name recognition can open doors of opportunities for you.

Vacancies for Business Professionals

Spontaneous application for business professionals

Spontaneous application for lawyers

Want to join Stibbe, but you don’t see the job opening you’re looking for? Apply spontaneously for a position in one of our business support teams: Administration, Business Development & Communications, Facilities Management, Finance, Human Resources, ICT, Knowledge Management.