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Stibbe can truly fast-track your career

Working at Stibbe gave me the opportunity to be seconded to the Bogotá office of a reputable Spanish law firm. This experience allowed me to work in a very dynamic, fast-growing environment. I also gained a deeper understanding of how differences in cultural backgrounds can have an impact on potential transactions.
Natacha Delie, former Senior Associate at Stibbe, now M&A Manager at one of our clients

Experienced Lawyers

We listen to you

We understand that accelerating one’s career means different things to different people. What does it mean to you? Does it mean getting promoted? Advancing career development and skills? Becoming an expert in a specific area? We want to hear you and learn all about your aspirations. We can guide you to discover your potential so that you can take your career to new heights. 

We enable you to craft your mission

Stibbe will help you to build your sense of purpose as a lawyer, achieve mastery in what you do, find autonomy, and build trusted relationships at work. You will have many opportunities to assist major corporate clients, be part of exciting transactions, and advise on high-profile matters. You will learn new things from business development to leadership skills that will give you a strong foundation so you can advance and lead in your career. Because when you have purpose, passion, and empathy, you can excel at what you enjoy.

We let you build your personal success model

Stibbe will coach you to develop a growth mindset that will enable you to learn, adapt, and flourish throughout your career. Your most powerful form of learning is from experience and observation. We will show you how you can turn your work experience at Stibbe into a structured journey of discovery that meets your needs. A designated partner will be your mentor. This person will coach you not only for performance but also for development to bring out the best in you.

We empower you

Whatever your background, Stibbe is a law firm with an enabling environment for you to acquire the ability to make strategic decisions, to voice your opinions, and to participate fully in all kinds of opportunities, whether they relate to your career advancement or personal development. We foster healthy team culture and invest in our people. We will equip you with the mindset, tools, and language of communication to succeed as an individual and as a team with others.

What we offer

Stibbe Academy

Immerse yourself in all the in-house learning and development programmes run by our very own Stibbe Academy. You’ll improve yourself in every way: professionally, emotionally, mentally, technically. And you’ll learn new, indispensable skills for all your different roles: as a lawyer, team player, client advisor, potential leader. These skills will enable you to always be on top of your game.

High-profile matters

High-profile, sophisticated, complex, multi-jurisdictional, … . These are the types of matters that you’ll certainly get to work on at Stibbe. For some of them, you’ll be cooperating with various teams from different practice groups and offices. You’ll also be handling local and international projects from a wide range of sectors. Many could even open several doors of opportunities, regardless of their size and complexity. 

Personal coaching

You’ll have a designated partner who will be your mentor. This person will coach you not only for performance but also for development. He or she gives feedback directly and gladly listens to you. We acknowledge your answers, your opinions, criticisms, how you feel, and how you’re coping. The Stibbe coaching method will certainly help you to take your legal career to the next level, preparing you to ascend the ranks and become a senior lawyer or partner, corporate leader, or entrepreneur who creates impact.

Diverse, positive, enabling environment

Stibbe provides high-quality, efficient legal services to clients to meet their ever increasing needs and requirements. At the same time, we maintain—and constantly improve—flexible working schemes, inspire creativity, promote personal development, encourage work–life balance, and create fun for everyone in a diverse and inclusive culture. We celebrate progress and recognize success. And we foster individual as well as organizational resilience so that we can adapt to changes, technology, and society on a long term in order to thrive in life and work.

Greater opportunities 

At Stibbe, we open doors of opportunities for you by preparing you to take your career to the next level. This is one of the goals in our hiring and empowerment policy. We design our special international programmes with this in mind. Here are some of them:

  • The Stibbe MBA Highlights Programme is unique. Elected associates attend this two-week programme at the renowned INSEAD business school in Fontainebleau. They learn the main subjects of management, finance, and economics. But their main takeaways will be essential knowledge on business economics, corporate strategy, corporate finance, negotiations, company valuation, leadership, and more.

  • Secondments can give you global exposure. Stibbe will give you client-secondment opportunities: you can join the in-house legal team of one of our clients for a short term. We offer international secondments also at any of our Stibbe offices or other top-tier law firms in our global network.

  • Being the trusted advisor to multinational companies and a team member of high-profile transactions and matters at Stibbe inevitably gives you international exposure. You will be recognized for your invaluable role, and this will lead to opportunities to work abroad and explore new countries and cultures.

Vacancies for Experienced Lawyers

Spontaneous application for lawyers

Spontaneous application for lawyers

Want to join Stibbe, but you don’t see the job opening you’re looking for? Apply spontaneously for a position in one of our practice groups.