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Application process

Lawyers and Business Professionals

1. Website

It all starts from our website. Go to our vacancies page and apply for a job opportunity that suits you, or apply spontaneously and simply let us know what career direction you wish to pursue. 

2. Cover letter and CV

We will make a first selection based on your CV, cover letter, and various criteria, such as your academic results, language skills, and so on.We always reply to job solicitations, and we try to do this within two weeks after having received your application.  

3. First interview

If you are selected to proceed to the next stage, you will be offered an interview. Interviews for employee vacancies are conducted by a member of our HR department, and by two members of our recruitment committee for candidate lawyers. This first interview will take place at our office and will give you the opportunity to experience the central location and easy access to our office building in the Brussels city center.

The main purpose of the first interview is to verify whether you meet the basic requirements for becoming a Stibbe lawyer or business professional. We will assess your legal or technical knowledge, critical thinking abilities, motivation level, language skills, social sensitivity, and so on. For employee positions, you might be assessed specifically and technically, for example, regarding your software knowledge, writing and language skills, or other abilities. 

4. Second interview

If you meet our expectations at the first interview, and we yours, we will arrange a second interview with you. In the second interview, you will meet the partner(s) and/or associate(s), or the manager(s) with whom you would work. They will tell you about their expectations and how the work is organised within their teams. This would be the best time to start connecting with your potential colleagues and ask them all the specific questions you have concerning your future collaboration with them and the tasks you will be assigned. 

5. Our offer

If you meet our expectations at this second interview, and we yours, we will give you an offer in writing to join our firm.

6. Your reply 

We usually ask that you reply to our offer in writing within two weeks (maximum) after you have received it.

Law internships

After a first, CV-based selection, you might be qualified for an interview with a member of the HR team. For the summer internships, we start these interviews in the fall of each year. For the winter internships, we hold interviews all year round. A final selection of candidates is made from those we have interviewed. We recruit around 25 summer and winter trainees each year. 

Find out more about our internships here. You can apply here.