Stibbe Academy

Stibbe Academy

Stibbe Academy provides a varied, multifaceted programme with trainings that are relevant to every individual at Stibbe.

Stibbe Academy

At Stibbe, we believe in the importance of training and personal and professional development of all our people. That is exactly why we—through our very own Stibbe Academy—give our lawyers and employees numerous opportunities constantly to improve themselves as young professionals, their knowledge, and the quality of their work.

Stibbe Academy is an extensive in-house training programme offering courses on legal skills, soft skills, ICT, and languages to all Stibbe members. Through the Academy, we train our people to becoming successful lawyers and business professionals, at both intellectual and emotional levels. All courses are tailor-made to cater to the target audience’s seniority, areas of specialisation, practice areas, and individual needs, and cover interpersonal communications, negotiations, project management, business development, delegation skills, finance management, time management, computer software, mindfulness and relaxation, and so on.

All courses are given by Stibbe lawyers, employees, or external professionals. Most of our hard skills trainings (and even some soft skills and language trainings) are accredited by the Dutch and French-speaking bars. Besides the trainings offered by our Stibbe Academy, every Stibbe member can, at his or her own choice, enrol in any particular (specialised) courses given by an external institution. These can be law-related or personal development courses.

MBA Highlights Programme

The Stibbe MBA Highlights Programme at INSEAD business school in Fontainebleau is unique. Elected associates attend this two-week programme where they learn the main subjects of management, finance, and economics.


Every year one or more of our Brussels female associates participate in the Women in Law and Leadership (WILL) initiative, designed to provide encouragement and support for talented women in law firms.