Why join Stibbe

Why join Stibbe? 5 reasons

Stibbe is a warm, welcoming, and challenging work environment where everyone feels at home. We develop and enable top talents to discover their potential here.
Rony Vermeersch, Partner

Why join Stibbe?


We thrive.

Our vibrant energy is everywhere and in everything we do: our offices, our firm-wide events, learning environments, social gatherings. Because we know how important success hinges on being part of a collaborative team and building close friendships with coworkers. Because we know that work requires from us continuous human interaction, creativity, personal service, and intellectual concentration. And having a vibrant atmosphere will certainly enable us to flourish and keep our minds and body healthy and happy. 

We embrace.

We welcome you with open arms. We commit ourselves to creating a company culture that is diverse, inclusive, and supportive. Because this enables talented individuals from various backgrounds to further develop themselves. We accept you for who you are, and we’re all ears when it comes to your opinions and suggestions. Because we believe our differences should bring us closer together to help each other to grow and become better, more successful individuals. 

We teach & mentor.

Not only do we teach you by focusing on the how (how to apply your analytical thinking, how to be attentive to clients’ needs, how to use your newly discovered potential, …), but we also mentor you by focusing on the why (why do you want to be a lawyer or partner, why should we formulate certain strategies, why should you acquire specific skills, …). We share with you our practical insight, wisdom, and experience to encourage you to express yourselves and develop your own skills. Most importantly—to discover your own potential so that you can perform your best in everything you do. 

We focus.

Every Stibbe member has one thing in common: we focus on achieving optimal results for our clients and helping them in the best possible way. And we focus on fulfilling our clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations. We do this with passion, determination, and commitment. These factors drive us to find solutions and overcome challenges in original, creative, innovative—and sometimes even groundbreaking—ways. 

We don’t stop.

We constantly strive to be the best internationally oriented law firm in the Benelux. No matter is too complex or too challenging for us. Working at Stibbe means collaborating with team members from other departments and even other jurisdictions to provide the highest quality service to our clients. We handle high-profile, multi-jurisdictional matters for local and international clients.